Saturday, January 23, 2016

North Carolina Bound

After nearly 17 years at Camp Pendleton California, the Marine Corps has spoken. Our family is switching coasts. We are North Carolina Bound. 

This news, while expected in some manner, comes as a complete surprise. We have been comfortable and happy with our life here. Breaking the news to our teens and teenagers has been heartbreaking. We have all shed and continue to cry our share of tears. 

Some days I'm on board and other days I ridden with anxiety. It's all a process. I'll continue to write about this insane move from California to North Carolina. I know I'll need a place to share as the next several months pass. 

Right now we are trying to get everybody happy with what is quickly approaching. Did I mention I'm moving middle schoolers and a high schooler? They give me hell every day :)


  1. I am so excited for you! Some of our best memories were spent in North Carolina. We lived there for 4 years and it was amazing.

  2. Oh, wow! That is big news! Congrats. I can't believe you were in one place for so long!