Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Happy Wednesday. Sending you positive thoughts for a warm wintery day!

This is my current favorite outfit. The LOVE shirt is from J.Crew Factory. I haven't ever shopped J.Crew before but I'm now in love with there tees. They are trendy enough to layer up with my business casual attire and wear to work. I'm comfy yet professional enough for a childcare setting. Another new style to my wardrobe is the waterfall cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft. Love that thing too :)

This top is new to the wardrobe from Daniel Rainn. I noticed it's a Stitchfix shirt but I got mine at a fraction of the cost from

Tried and true outfit you've probably seen 15 times. This Old Navy sweater is my go to. When in doubt, green Old Navy sweater.

This is just a mix and match of some oldies from the closets. I just throw it all together and hope I can pull it off. 

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  1. Everything is super cute! Looking great! :)

  2. I love your style! You always look great.

  3. Love that last outfit.You are always so stylish!

  4. That first outfit is super cute!