Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Decorating A Tween Boy Room

We have slowly been getting our house together over the past several months. There have been projects in various rooms but no complete overhauls yet. I suppose there will be a year update in the works. But today I thought I would share pictures from Zac's room. We spent Mother's Day putting the finishing touches on our tween boy's room. It has been a struggle to find the perfect, well, everything for him. I've been frustrated by the lack of appropriate room decor for our ten year old boy. It seems you either have to go with cartoon characters or super grown up metro when decorating a boy's room these days. My son really isn't into satin sheets. He thinks that is a bit girly at this age. I guess you could always spend a grand at Pottery Barn unless you like things like food and electricity! Things have been on hold while I've searched every store in a 20 mile radius looking for the perfect bedding, wall decor, and al the extras. 

We did a lot of repurposing with Zac's room. I guess the general theme has been archeological. More fitting would be Zac. The theme of Zac. Which equates to boy stuff. He loves science. Anything natural occuring in our world interests him. He has collections of rocks, sea shells, leaves, animal skulls, you name it. I can't help but let him collect these things because it is oh-so-important to him. He is also interested in the way things move and are built. I wanted to utilize his collections of random earthly things in his room. Even though, it isn't anything spectacular I'm really happy with the way things turned out. We have a few things left to do, like a new bed, possibly some shelving, and hanging his US Map. It's close enough for a reveal though.

The world map became a fixture in Zac's room when my husband deployed on a MEU a little over a year ago. We would mark all the ports with pins. It was a great visual for my son to see where dad was and what he was doing. I would suggest it for any elementary age child who is having difficulty with deployment, especially if mom or dad is mobile during deployment.

This is the country coming out in us. No home is complete without a dead animal decorating it ;)

I've seen a lot of use of clipboards lately in decorating. I love it. This serves as a reminder for important school work, vocab words, states and capitals, or permission slips that need to be signed right before bed. That is the only time we can sign important school notes, right? Ten minutes after they are suppose to be in bed. I just love that! And I love how his room turned out. It's so perfect for him.



  1. Very cool room! I love the map idea to help kids understand deployment. We actually purchased a world map really similar to yours that we put stickers on for each place we go, so I'll definitely incorporate that when kids come along!


  2. I love it! It's very crisp and not so cluttered looking.

  3. At first I couldn't tell what was on his sheets, but then I saw it in the last picture - snakes!! Perfect for a 10 year old boy! :)

  4. I think the room is awesome!