Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break Begins's the sound of a long relaxed sigh. Day one of spring break under the belt. Two weeks of freedom ahead. As much as I love my job, there is just something about not having to run a schedule day in and day out.  I would complain if I didn't have it but for two weeks I will take the freedom to do whatever I want for a while. No waking up early, even though I still will. I can't train a body otherwise! No rushing kids through the morning and getting out the door by a certain time. Maybe I will find a little extra time to blog. It is one luxury I can't seem to keep up with when I am working.

My first thought was to spend two weeks in Iowa. I have been terribly homesick. But it's still so cold there and the cross country travel burns up a good chunk of time. So we decided to stay in SoCal for break. After spring break, there is only six weeks from summer break. We will be sure to take full advantage of two months off with time in Iowa. The trials of military family life. There is too much time away from extended family.

Back to the spring break agenda, we have lots of house stuff planned. Today we worked in the yard laying sod. Yippee for manual labor at 7am. It's my (least) favorite! But now it's done and we have green grass for-hopefully-ever. My husband has wood floors to install and a few other small projects that I won't mention just in case we don't get to them! So embarrassing to have those things in print and then fail to complete. I hope this doesn't become a DIY blog with all the house stuff we have planned.

Flooring to be installed.
There will be adventures too. We are hoping to get up to Sequoia National Park next week. Just  a couple of days. I'm sure there will be a trip to the winery, the beach, and Camp Pendleton for sure. Some of our favorites.

And the kids will have plenty of play dates. With both of us working, the kids don't get a lot of friend time. So the plan is to see old and new friends as much as we can.

Hoping the next two weeks go very slowly. We have so much planned. I want to savor every minute!



  1. Have a fun spring break!!! It is mine as well, and I am thrilled to have a week away from planning every moment of each day! :)

  2. I love reading about DIY stuff! Hope the sod went well. We did half of our yard one day, and we were dying the next day!
    Enjoy your break and your grassy yard!

  3. Enjoy your Spring Break my friend!!! I wish we got a Spring Break around here. Unfortunately our kids missed too much school due to snow so they took theirs away.

  4. Two full weeks off!! Lucky you! ENJOY & RELAX!! :)